Lokilicious The Answer (Blue Razz) Gummy 2 ct – 30 pack

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Does your search for life’s questions get you down? The special formulation of The Answer Gummy lifts your spirit and sharpens your mind so you can delve into those introspective curiosities. First, we mixed in Rhodiola, B12, Ginseng & L- Tyrosine to improve mental performance and vitality. But what’s the point of being at the top of your game if you’re not in the mood to enjoy it. So we tossed in some Vitamin B3 and D to nudge your serotonin production and then L-Theanine and B6 to calm the noise in your mind allowing your brilliance to shine. Our powerful cannabinol blend will loosen your inhibitions and stimulate your imagination.

Just like our Answer cartridge you can expect to feel an “uplifting/floating” high and we recommend this gummy for experienced users only!

WARNING: These are one of, if not the most, potent gummies on the market. Use Responsibly!