Kick Azz MIT Magic

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Introducing MIT Magic: Elevate Your Beverage, One Pump at a Time

MIT Magic is the epitome of Kratom innovation, revolutionizing your beverage game. With a single pump, this remarkable Kratom extract infusion adds 40mg of MIT (Mitragyna speciosa) to your drink, creating a journey of flavor and wellness like no other.

Key Features

Cutting-Edge Thermal Infusion: MIT Magic employs an exclusive, patent-pending Thermal Infused process that encapsulates MIT extract into a form unparalleled in the Kratom world. Shrunken down to just three times the size of a DNA molecule, this ultra-concentration sets it apart from standard nano-sizing technologies. The result? Enhanced absorption, ensuring you experience the full spectrum of benefits.

Versatile Adaptability: Elevate your morning brew, daytime tea, or post-workout smoothie. MIT Magic effortlessly blends with any beverage, offering a canvas for your creativity and well-being. Precision Pump: Reliability at your fingertips. Each MIT Magic pump delivers an exact 40mg dose of MIT extract, guaranteeing consistent and controlled consumption every time.

Effortless Integration: MIT Magic’s compact design invites you to bring the magic with you wherever you venture. Seamlessly integrate MIT-infused elixirs into your daily life. Experience the future of beverage enhancement with MIT Magic. One pump is all it takes to transform your sips into a symphony of flavor and wellness, all effortlessly absorbed by your body.

Available in an 8oz pump that delivers 40mg of MIT per pump and also a 1oz tincture that delivers 20mg of MIT per 1ml dropper. Please Login for Wholesale Pricing.