Kick Azz Kratom Coffee

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Kratom and coffee complement each other exceptionally well, as they both possess stimulating properties that can enhance focus, energy, and mood. The mild energizing effects of coffee blend seamlessly with the subtle stimulation provided by Kratom, creating a harmonious synergy that many individuals find invigorating and uplifting.

Choosing our Thermo Infused water soluble kratom extract over a regular kratom extract presents a game-changing advantage. Our Patent Pending thermal infusion process not only removes the notorious bitter taste of traditional kratom extracts but also preserves the potency and effectiveness of the natural compounds. This means you can now experience the full spectrum of kratom’s benefits without enduring the unpleasant flavor, providing a convenient and enjoyable way to integrate kratom into your wellness routine. Embrace the future of kratom consumption with our cutting-edge solution that combines enhanced effectiveness with a more palatable experience.

After sampling hundreds of coffee blends, we eventually discovered the perfect matches, and remarkably, they are locally sourced from the Chicagoland area. By incorporating 200mg of mitragyna into every Kcup, your coffee will deliver a potent impact akin to a kratom shot, while sparing you from the unpleasant taste typically associated with shots.

We also offer our coffee in convenient bag formats, which can be procured through two distinct options: a half-pot size, serving four 10-ounce cups, each delivering approximately 100mg of Mitragyna speciosa (MIT) per cup, as well as by the pound, providing approximately 32 10-ounce cups of coffee, each 10oz cup being infused with roughly 100mg of MIT.




Green Tiger: Indulge in our exquisite espresso blend, featuring enchanting notes of milk chocolate and dark chocolate, culminating in a gentle touch of lemon for a satisfyingly balanced finish.

Chicago Bean: Savor the essence of our medium blend, where the delightful flavors of milk chocolate, honey, and a touch of lemon zest harmoniously combine to create a truly delightful sensory experience.


Contents: 12 K-cups of kratom coffee per order | 10 half-pot bags of kratom coffee